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Nana + Livy Soaps

Beauty starts with food!

That’s the mantra behind the Vancouver-based artisanal bath and body shop, Nana + Livy. Ingredients for each product are chosen carefully to reflect the nutrition our skin needs and the result is a line of self-care products that are effective, gentle and luxurious.

Nana + Livy Soaps

Best known for their 9 “flavours” of cold-pressed soap blocks, Nana + Livy hand makes each cube with a purpose. The Matcha, for example, may be used to balance and detoxify, while the Lavender soap may be used to soothe and calm. These blocks are great for facial, hand and body cleansing, and can be combined in a box set as a thoughtful and sustainable gift.

Nana + Livy Chocolate

However, the magic of Nana + Livy doesn’t stop at their soap blocks. Their product line has expanded into naturally made bath teas, choco soaps, shampoo bars and face oils, and is continuing to grow. We couldn’t get enough of the smell of the Mocha Choco Soap Bar, which is made with real coffee grounds and cocoa powder for a sweetly rejuvenating shower. These decadent bath treats can currently be found in select stores across Canada and online. For more information, visit:

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